AA School of Architecture nyári egyeteme Budapesten 2018. augusztus 31. és szeptember 9. között


Jelentkezési határidő: 2018. augusztus 1.

Budapest: The Uncommon Walk

One summer evening, Jack Kerouac was walking through New York and dreamt of all that was beyond a ‘white man’. Georges Perec roamed and exhausted a place in Paris by recording what happened when nothing happened. Stanley Brouwn’s participatory mapper, Iain Sinclaire’s path orbiter, Peter Smithson’s wall gazer, Vito Acconci’s cinematic stalker – these uncommon walkers and walks have for centuries offered surprising, subversive and resonating analysis of urban lives. To ‘walk’ – to think a walk, to represent and to remember a walk, to talk about and to detail a walk – is to produce not only knowledge of the city, but also the making of the city. From the physiognomy of moving bodies to the technology of navigation, psychogeography to nomadic identity, journey diaries to hand-held cameras, the city of Budapest will be explored and quarried through the medium of moving feet. In collaboration with prominent art and architectural institutions, all work will be exhibited during Budapest Design Week…

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