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Az Újvidéki Építészek Egyesületének (DaNS) pályázati felhívása a 20. Építészeti Szalonon való részvételre

DaNS: Call for Submissions for 20th SALON OF ARCHITECTURE, NOVI SAD

Határidő: 2016 04 30-ig


DaNS – Association of Novi Sad Architects is inviting all interested parties to submit their work for the exhibition at the 20th Salon of Architecture, which will take place in the period 03-12 of June in Novi Sad, Serbia.

In the context of time and events we are witnessing, there is a profound necessity to re-think architecture, its position in the society, culture, and the system we operate in. In the modern context, architecture cannot be viewed as a homogenous discipline. Both the products of architecture and their creators – the architects – have been scattered through different fields for a long time.

The 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad is striving to provide a space for free and open-minded discussions on the position of architecture in the regional context, through a selection of exhibitions, lectures and open talks. In addition, the Salon will gather professionals from different fields of architecture in order to overcome the imaginary barriers we have between ourselves. Therefore, we wish to fully “open” the Salon to the surrounding region, so we can have a look over at the things that connect us, and realize what are the “battles” we must pursue together as a profession.

We wish to look at architecture in a broad perspective of its actions, from social and spatial activism, building processes, theoretical research to design of digital spaces. By aligning these fields side by side, we wish to point to their common significance in architecture as a complex discipline it is today.

Finally, we wish to, looking beyond regional and disciplinary divisions, recognize new fields of action between ourselves, meet, connect and work together on the spaces we live in.


The Salon of Architecture is international. Since the goal of the Novi Sad Salon is to position itself as a meeting place of the regional architecture production, all work realized or designed in the territory of former Yugoslav republics, as well as Hungary and Romania, qualify for the Grand Prix of the Salon.

Due to the lack of evaluation and promotion of good architecture in Vojvodina, a special honorable acknowledgement will be awarded to a project realized in this territory.

Competitors are asked to submit their proposals in the following categories:

1. Architecture
2. Urban Design
3. Interior Design
4. Student Work
5. Publications
6. Digital Space
7. Experiment in Architecture

In the Digital Space category we welcome entries from CGI design (architectural visualizations, animations, and game design), parametric design, digital fabrication, generative and interactive design, etc.

For all categories, we accept realized and unrealized projects and competition entries.

One application can contain only one proposal, submitted in only one category.

Proposals, either projects or realizations, must be no more than 3 years old.

Application forms can be submitted in Serbian or English language.

Submission and exhibition dates

Call announcement: 12.04.2016
Deadline for submitting entries for pre-selection (electronically): 30.04.2016
Announcement of selected entries: 07.05.2016
Deadline for submitting exhibitions sheets  and material for the catalogue (electronically):18.05.2016
Opening of the Salon and awards ceremony: 03.06.2016


Grozdana Šišović (re:a.c.t. Belgrade)
Ana Džokić (STEALTH.unlimited, Belgrade /Rotterdam)
Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited, Belgrade /Rotterdam)
Idis Turato (Turato architecture studio, Rijeka)
Eugen Pănescu (Planwerk, Cluj)

Application Fee

Only those entries that pass the pre-selection and are chosen to be exhibited will be asked to pay the fee. The fee covers the print of the exhibition sheets, their exhibition at the Salon and one copy of the Salon catalogue, which will be published after the Salon.

The fee amounts:

35 EUR – for all participants except:
10 EUR – for students
0 EUR – for entries in the “Publications” category, which will deliver 2 copies of their publication (one for the exhibition and one for the DaNS library)

Technical information for entries submission (for pre-selection phase)

For each entry, a separate application, with filled in application form and project material, should be sent to:

1. The application form can be downloaded from HERE

Application form in .DOC extension, titled in the following form


applicationNo refers to the number of the entry, in case an author sends more than one proposal.

2. Entry material with following information, packed in a single file (.ZIP or .RAR), titled:

This package should include:

- max 10 drawings which best illustrate the project (plans, sections, diagrams, photographs, renderings, etc.)  in .JPG or .PDF
- project description of max 2000 characters (including spaces)
- If authors wish to present a video or any other large file, please send a link for online viewing

Authors whose entries are selected for the exhibition at the Salon will be notified regarding the instructions for preparing the sheets for exhibition and paying the application fee.

This same call can be found in PDF format HERE.

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