The Vince Publishing House is a defining player in Hungarian art and educational book publishing and distribution. It has bookstores at important points of the capital, such as the Műcsarnok, the Hungarian national Gallery and the Palace of Arts, many of which received the Hermész-award for bookstores of the highest standard.

The publishing house filled a void in the Hungarian art book world by publishing high quality yet affordable fine art monographies, architectural and design books in the early 90s. In addition to the arts, the publishing house puts out educational books in the natural and social sciences, family, travel and lifestyle books, reference books, and children’s book series as well. Through its wide international connections it is exclusive partner to several large international publishers, moreover, it is unique among its Hungarian counterparts in catering to the international market. Vince Publishing House was named Publisher of the Year in 2005 to recognize its excellence.

The bookstore within FUGA’s walls specializes primarily in architecture, design, and other arts, as well as topics relevant to FUGA’s other activities: music and children’s books. The bookstore will constantly shape its collection to adapt to the center’s life, visitors and their demand. There will be permanent discounts as well as seasonal sales for architects. At the same time the goal is to create a specialty book store whose selection caters to a wide audience, since the center itself hopes to attract not only those in the architecture profession.

The FUGA bookstore is operated by Hajnalka Merz store manager, as well as Zita Karácsony és István Beviz.