Classical music

Bizánci színek – Szent Efrém férfikar Our classical music programs get at the connection between architecture and music in space and time. What laws and rules work back and forth through the ages and styles? How does architecture inspire the leading musicians? Two series aim to answer these questions: musical history of architecture.

Concerts reflecting the great eras in the history of architecture. Adapting to our concert space we show primarily vocal and chamber music. Each time a short introduction precedes the concert explaining the choice of music. Although each concert might include selections that are not contemporary to the architectural style discussed, we aim to include contemporary music that alludes to the era.


Starting in January 2010, the contemporary concert series is based on the relationship between the literature of architecture and music. As a motto there will be a one minute mini-composition at the beginning of each concert, composed by the students in the Music Academy Composer Department. The topic of each piece will be a contemporary building in Budapest, thus providing a starting point for discussion between architects and musicians. The first concert in the series is based on the works of architect Péter Mátrai.

Fuge in FUGA

Gábor Cssalog pianist performs in two parts Johann Sebastian Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, a grandiose piece composed of 24 preludes and fuges.

FUGA classical music series is directed by Judit Rajk.