fugajazzPart of the FUGA Club programming the FUGA Jazz Club opens on October 2nd. It will showcase the best known artists in Hungarian jazz scene as well as the younger generation’s talents every Friday night starting at 8:30 p.m.

The legendary Petőfi Sándor street jazz club /Civil Engineer’s Club/ was the first Hungarian jazz scene location in the 60s and 70s. The event series starting in October is in the original location, only this time in the main room on the ground floor.

In the selection of the jazz programming our main criteria was to show bands with unique sound and repertoire, and who present compositions that are structurally advanced as well.

Every first Friday of the month is hosted by the Attila LászlóKálmán Oláh Quartet. In addition, in 2009 once a month we offer such musical delicacies as Hungarian Jazz Saxophonists, Jazz Pianists or Jazz Guitarists nights.

The concerts include the most renowned members of the national jazz scene. Another curiosity of these events will be that every other week the intermission will include short contemporary dance performances, selected by art directors Andrea Ladányi and Iván Angelus.

FUGA jazz programming is selected and directed by Attila László.