Make No Mistake! Error in Art – 2nd edition

Konferencia, 2. nap

2018. november 25. 10.00

10.00 Session 1

Gyenes Zsolt (Kaposvár University ∙ Kaposvári Egyetem): The error (as subject, means and material) in contemporary abstract electronic moving image 

Kecskés Péter: Digital glitches and analogue stochastic divinatory signs in my artistic practice

Kelle Antal (ArtFormer): The wilful deviance in my kinetic sculpturing ∙ A kinetikus szobrászat szándékos devianciája

11.30 Kávészünet ∙ Coffee break

12.00 Session 2

Koroknai Zsolt: The error as a model / electro-vision, installing-imagery

Kozma Péter: There is no “error”

Szalay Miklós: Rationality and Creativity: Human Concepts and Standardized Approaches to Cognition


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